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Coaching Courses

Through working with us, you will win the confidence of your team, peers, stakeholders, clients or board. You will learn to use narrative, body language and the power of your voice to influence decision making and command your audience when you’re on a public platform.

Most important of all, we deliver an experience that will take you on a journey to discover new ways of thinking and to raise a deeper level of self-awareness in you, through our one-to-one coaching sessions which are tailored to meet your individual needs, flexed to suit your personality type and the way in which you learn.

in our session(s) we will learn: how to deal with nerves, breathing techniques, timing, authentic voice, personal delivery, emotional control, creative direction, body language & posture and performance delivery.

Our areas of expertise:

Personal impact & brand
Building confidence
Boardroom, leadership & management presence
Interpersonal & team skills
Conflict resolution
Influencing & communication skills
Keynote speeches
Corporate presentations
Public speaking
Client pitches


Leadership Impact

We use a more intuitive approach to address your current leadership challenges by looking at them from different perspectives. Whether you’re looking to better your performance,

realise your ambition, or lead your team to success, we will help you to focus on your vision by exploring your mental resilience, self-beliefs, assumptions, behaviours and emotional intelligence. This will involve re-scripting and re-framing your thought processes and a degree of role-play.

Career goals, vision & aspirations: Are you uncertain about what your next career steps or leadership journey should be? Our creative coaching process will guide you to find the answers you’re looking for. We can help you focus on and realise your next career goal, bring your leadership vision to life and re-evaluate your skill set.

Leading your team with confidence & authority: It’s all about the power of your relationships. How to win your team over and get them on your side. We will discover ways in which you can foster a team culture that promotes and develops your team to support your vision and business strategy. What can you learn from your team and how can you delegate further, let go, empower and build trust among them?

The first time Steve came in to coach one of my senior leaders, the feedback she gave me was ‘he’s remarkable’. He gets instant results. After just one session with Steve, I saw changes in her behaviour – greater confidence, more positive body language and being able to use her voice to gain more influence.

Steve has an intuitive ability to challenge people and open them up. He takes them out of their comfort zones in a way that’s safe. It’s only after he makes employees reflect on their behaviours that they can see how, by making even the smallest of changes in their mindset, they can make a huge impact in the way they communicate with others and are perceived by them.

Mike Williams
Director of People Development
De Vere Hotels & Village Urban Resorts

Communications coaching

How do you come across in presentations, meetings or in the boardroom? We will show you how to use your voice and non-verbal signals to create leadership presence. Learn to flex your leadership style as well as self-govern your emotional response, voice, posture and body language.

Influencing & communication skills: Have you just landed a promotion, change of role or become a new leader at executive level? Work with us to brush up on your influence skills and hone your authority within the boardroom or at executive level. This will gain the respect and trust of your peers, stakeholders or team. We will also look at expanding your sphere of influence and strengthening your network.

Demystifying conflict & power struggles: When it comes to boardroom meetings, are there any clashes between you and your team, a peer, colleague or client? Perhaps someone is undermining your authority or preventing you from making your voice heard? Together we’ll investigate whether you have any self-limiting beliefs that might be holding you back in your career. We’ll explore assumptions, behaviours, how you come across to others and learning how to read others.

Public speaking coaching

When presenting information or business strategy, how can you make impact by coming across as confident, authoritative and authentic? What image are you creating when on the stage?

We will work on the power of your voice, body language and narrative by making sure you hold the spotlight when necessary.
Personal impact, stage presence & public speaking: Perhaps you’ve reached a point where your role requires you to be much more in the limelight and be accountable for your actions.

You have to deliver high-level presentations to your peers, communicate leadership messages on the company stage or present pitches or speeches to a room full of stakeholders. The techniques you learn with us will help you overcome any nerves. You will be trained to use your body language and voice to win over any audience.

Narrative & Story: What signals are you giving off when communicating your message? The power of your story lies in how you deliver it. Your narrative must flow off the page naturally and be easy to understand. We will show you how to translate your words into speech that is emotive, memorable and contagious.

Although Steve and I had spoken just once before on the phone, the two-hour session we had in person was tailored to exactly what I needed. Steve has high energy and is incredibly engaging and personable. He genuinely takes an interest in you and he knows how to put you at ease.

I have had coaching before in my career but Steve’s session was extremely refreshing. The skills he used from his acting background were fascinating. Many of the exercises Steve taught me were small and easy to follow, but had the potential to have a big impact. I learned to use breathing techniques and to project my voice. Since the session I’ve focused on these things and already people have picked up on the difference.

Steve was very honest and gave me feedback from an unbiased point of view which was very constructive. I left the session feeling confident I had gained skills that would have an immediate impact in the areas I needed help with.

Senior manager
De Vere Hotels & Village Urban Resorts